Shiodie didn’t want to see him because he was so killed by a dealer in the City of Dreams.

Shiodi didn’t want to see him because he died after winning a dealer at City of Dreams.

I called my agent’s brother before, because I thought I’d eat it all alone. Forgot News I asked where is a good casino. He said it was a galaxy, but before that, I decided to go to the Galaxy Junk because I had another memory 카지노.

Yesterday, it was still not good because of the aftermath of the game. He died about 50 million won and was sent 100 million.

It wasn’t long before 100 million pieces were cut in half. It’s a bad game.

It was so unreasonable that tears seemed to sting. Suddenly the dealer starts to teach you if that didn’t look right. I think it was a player who went banker. The game was so bad that I just wanted to follow the dealer, so I went to the dealer. It was natural to eat in one shot. The dealer went on to teach me, but I think the real odds are about 80-85%.

Already lost yesterday, 100 million are behind today, so even if you go up to Patta, you can easily bet 10 million won 30 million won 50 million won. Today’s main game is when I found all of them and I walked down the side line and suddenly the player came down.

Two players have been down and the player hasn’t been down for a long time before. I felt it. Reduce this !!!

From this time, I shot it with a real can. Dealer tells players to go, so confidence is up

There were 12 rows, and I took about 10 times 카지노. 11th 12th time I think I’ll be cut off, so I ate a small amount. Chips piled up above eye level. I think bankers will come down too.

It’s roughly 1.5 billion. Money that has been lost since gambling so far in life!

I gave the dealer a tip and thanked the agent for a tip and then deposited and finished the game. I really dreamed. I wanted to come to this day in my life. Looking back, I wonder if it will be a lifetime or a day.

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